Monday, 11 April 2016

ANZAC - Wreath

Wreath Making.

Last week we made poppies to add to the MPS wreath that will be part of the Methven ANZAC Parade.  We are going to be learning about why the poppy is used throughout the world as a symbol.

Here is a picture of us working hard making the poppies and our finished product.


This week Team 3 is learning about ANZAC and why we celebrate it.  We have been doing some writing, maths, art and learning all about World Wars and life as a soldier.

Below is some writing we did in one of our workshops.  We used our senses to explain what we think being at war would be like.


I hear the guns going bang, pow, crash!

I see the four trenches 1, 2, 3, 4 - muddy!

I feel cold people snuggling together to keep warm.

I taste the ANZAC biscuits - 'yummy!'

I smell the smoke or the exploding bombs - BANG!

By Blake

I hear horses stomping and neighing in fear above me.

I see disgusting smelly rats scuttling around on the ground of the trenches.

I taste smoke in my dry mouth while I breathe, trying to get to sleep.

I feel blood hopelessly dripping off my face.

I smell  human flesh rotting beneath the soggy, muddy ground in the trenches while I lie on in.

By Dara

I hear men crying their heart out with such little life left.

I see my friends dead bodies laying there in dead mans' lane.

I feel the cold breeze brushing against me, it starts goose bumps on my arms.

I taste nothing, my mouth is dry like a desert.

I smell rotten flesh on my toes, from trench foot.

By Lucie

I hear people crying for what little life they had.

I see dead bodies in the middle of dead mans' lane.

I feel coldness cling against me when I shoot the enemy.

I taste smoke breezing into my mouth from bombs going off.

I smell rats rotten bodies as they lay in the mud.

By Estella

I hear dogs barking as loud as a fire alarm.

I see poppies growing bright red as the war continues.

I feel blood pouring down my arm like a tap of water.

I taste the bombs like a cloud of dirt.

I smell dry, muddly, squelching, wet mud.

By Lexi

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Cooperative Activities

On Fridays, Team 3's classes come together and get into our mixed cooperative groups.  Mrs Wiedel, Mrs Hooker and Miss Ish give us a task to work on and complete as a group.   

This involves us learning to take roles within a group, showing our STAR attributes of;
  • Sporting - encouraging others in my group to persevere
  • Trustworthy - to be doing the right thing and staying on task 
  • Accepting - listening to others ideas
  • Responsible - working as part of the group, offering ideas

Some of our activities have included;
  • building a 6X6X6 boat out of tinfoil and 5 straws that would float and hold the most marbles without sinking.
  • building a catapult out of pencils and rubber bands,
  • building a bridge out of paper that could hold at least 3 matchbox cars ,
  • making the tallest structure we could  using only marsh-mellows and spaghetti pasta.

Here are a few photos us working on our tasks.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Lyndhurst measuring items in cm & m around the school

Today we worked in pairs to measure different things around the school.  We had to measure the length and width of items, like lunch benches, doors, water fountains, sport sheds and some of us even measured the height of ourselves. 

Here is some photos of us measuring.

Monday, 4 April 2016

MPS Expo

Wow, what a fantastic night we had on Friday!!  Thank you to all our parents, grandparents, friends and members of the community who came down and supported us with our fundraising.  Below are some photos of Team 3 Stalls - we think it looked pretty good.